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About GreyLit

The Problem

14B (1)


spent on R&D each day

90percent (1)


of work is not
published within
traditional processes

450B (1)


worth of R&D is not
easily accessible

Every day about 1.4 billion dollars is spent on research and development in the science, technology and medical industries. Only about 10% of this research ever gets published for the world to see. So what happens to valuable findings from the other 90% of global research and development?

It gets filed in an unorganized, underground world called grey literature, where it’s nearly impossible to find again. This means the results from the approximately 450 billion dollars that is annually spent on research and development is not consistently accessible to decisions makers.

The Solution

GreyLit is designed to search and filter this underground world of grey literature and archive it in a simple web-based system for others to use and access in seconds. This reduces the time and money researchers and industry leaders spend searching for answers within grey literature.

The platform stores, shares and makes grey literature accessible around the world and creates a modern peer review process for a monthly fee.

Greylit phone

A Global Network

GreyLit is a Software as a Service Platform that delivers true peer reviewed “as of released” academic literature and research to a global audience. The GreyLit platform allows researchers to access millions of bodies of academic work previously unavailable to the general public.

GreyLit is the only service that offers, unlimited and instant global publication opportunities without format or content restrictions and will tell you who read it and what they thought of it.

Meet the GreyLit Team

Cora h

Cora Cole

Epidemiologist and CEO
With close to 20 years working and studying in the health industry at district, provincial and national levels, Cora offers a great deal of corporate memory and domain expertise. With Population Health and Epidemiology training, Cora provides technical and applied knowledge skill set and brings a wealth of expertise in knowledge translation and information dissemination to GreyLit. Most importantly she has felt the pain of inaccessible grey literature.

Scott Rogers

Chief Technology Officer
Scott brings an amazing set of big-picture technology planning and savvy development skills to the team. Scott is leading the coding and programming of the platform and participates in management decisions about corporate and technical governance. All while communicating GreyLit's technology strategy to partners, management, investors and employees. Generally speaking, Scott keeps GreyLit "live."
Linda Daley

Linda Daley

Chief Marketing Officer
Using her years of successful online marketing experience, Linda helps GreyLit get found! She develops and implements GreyLit's online marketing strategies then rolls them out to the delight of our members. Linda has implemented many practical tactics and processes that have brought us to market. She says, "I'm delighted to be backing a winner!"
Wendy Vrooman

Wendy Vrooman

Chief Revenue Officer
Wendy is the latest addition to the GreyLit team. In various senior leadership and sales roles, Wendy has successfully developed people, teams and companies by actively listening to internal and external customers to create needs-based solutions and meaningful experiences.


Chief Inspiration Officer
GreyLit’s resident foot-warmer, brings a sense of frivolity and offers daily, sometimes hourly, reminders to play (tug-of-war) outside.

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