Conquer Writer’s Block: How to Find a New Angle

Stuck, uninspired, unmotivated, feeling stale – anyone who writes regularly is going to experience those things from time to time. Especially when we’re busy, it’s hard to take time to get inspired. Sometimes I don’t need inspiration so much as a new angle – a ... Read more

Digging Deep with Critical Thinking Skills

We know that asking questions can increase the level of common sense in our organizations and workplaces. This puts a lot of pressure on the kinds of questions we ask. So how do we come up with good questions to ask? Well, that’s a set ... Read more
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If Common Sense isn’t so “Common”, What Can We Do About It?

We’ve all heard the rhetoric: common sense just isn’t as common as it used to be. Could this actually be true? And if so, what effect is it having in our workplace? Should we be concerned? Can we learn common sense? Research tells us that ... Read more

Twitter Becomes Tactical When You Use Lists to Curate Information

Do you use Twitter to find interesting information? When you started, do you remember wondering how you were ever going to keep up? Is it now difficult to sort through everything in your feed? Are you spending more time scrolling then learning? You may be ... Read more

How GreyLit Would Have Helped Others

A physician in Nigeria was heartbroken over how much lifesaving vaccine was lost to breaks in the cold-chain that keeps vaccine viable. So he connected a solar-powered generator to a bar fridge. I worked with him to develop an evaluation plan to prove the solar ... Read more
How GreyLit Would Have Helped Me

How GreyLit Would Have Helped Me

I had been working in public health for about seven years, and was getting itchy feet and so had applied for an Epidemiologist position with the National Health Service in England. I had made it through the first two rounds of interviews and had been ... Read more

CEO Cora Cole is a SheEO 2018 Canadian Venture Semi-Finalist!

A SheEO Super Activator called to tell Cora that GreyLit was a Venture Semi-Finalist while she was on her way to the rink for her son’s hockey practice. So, to get a genuine reaction photo, Cora had to ask another Hockey Mom to take the ... Read more

Buzzwords to Gravy Trains: Are You on the Bandwagon?

Remember when everything in healthcare had to be “evidence-based decision making”? Or how about when massive decisions were based on the “World Café” style of engagement? Remember when sick people were known as patients, not consumers? While a lot of these buzzwords start with good ... Read more

Are You Judged By Your Mission Statement? Should You Be?

Ah, mission statements. Most organizations have them, some remember when they were written. Mission statements are given prominent placement on our websites, official documents, and sometimes even our office walls. What is the most important action taken as a result of your mission statement? We’ll ... Read more

Do You Have FMA?

In research and in the frontlines of healthcare we often avoid making comparisons between our organization and the black-white world of business. We may even be a bit snobby about how we don’t have customers, we have patients or participants. We don’t market, we engage. ... Read more