CEO Cora Cole is a SheEO 2018 Canadian Venture Semi-Finalist!

A SheEO Super Activator called to tell Cora that GreyLit was a Venture Semi-Finalist while she was on her way to the rink for her son’s hockey practice. So, to get a genuine reaction photo, Cora had to ask another Hockey Mom to take the photo. (Thanks Corrine, for capturing the moment.)

SheEO is a radically redesigned ecosystem that supports, finances, and celebrates female innovators. Launched in 2015 in Canada, this visionary model is emerging as a leading global innovation that is totally unique. Rather than trying to fit women into the existing models and systems and level the playing field, they are creating an entirely new field.

We asked Cora why she was so thrilled to be a semifinalist… but more importantly, why SheEO?

“You know when you’re at a family gathering, or out with your tribe, surrounded by those people that just get you? And you know you could ask this group of people anything and, if they could help, they would? Well, I was a SheEO Activator last year and I attended local SheEO networking events, and I got that same feeling. I knew I could ask this group of esteemed women anything and I wouldn’t be judged or critiqued, I would likely be offered help. Wow. It was the first networking event I never wanted to end. Making it to the semifinals means business women all across Canada read about GreyLit and thought it was worth a second consideration. As a Founder, that means a great deal to me personally – for GreyLit, it could be a game changer – stay tuned.”

Congratulations to the other 2018 Canadian Venture Semi-Finalists!

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