Conquer Writer’s Block: How to Find a New Angle

Stuck, uninspired, unmotivated, feeling stale? Is writing that mid-project summary report feeling like a pending dental appointment? Are you staring at data wondering how to make it sound more interesting than last quarter? Anyone who writes regularly is going to experience the dreaded “blank page” syndrome, where it feels like that blinking cursor is mocking you.

Professional writers and authors purportedly all have their own unique writing process, personal tricks and often hacks that will get the words flowing again.

Of the many hats you wear, does one say author? Would you consider yourself a professional writer… or a professional who writes? If you are a professional who writes “stuff”, finding the time and energy to be inspired, motivated and creative enough to compose a report, a summary or even a recommendation is especially difficult when we’re busy and our to-do list is long. We can get stuck.

Sometimes I don’t need to unblock my writer’s block as much as I need a fresh perspective. Often a new angle – that shows a different perspective or approach to information, advice and ideas is all I need to get the words flowing. And that’s where comes in. This site has become a favourite hack of this professional who writes.

Its insights are based on the data of web searches and it shows you results graphically. In no time you’ll pin down a new approach, be inspired by a new phrase to get your writing done. The image above (cropped) is from my search of the term “grey literature”.

The next time you just need the spark of an idea to get going, try Psst… try it even if you are not in the middle of writing – it’s kind of fun and a little addicting.