How GreyLit Would Have Helped Others

A physician in Nigeria was heartbroken over how much lifesaving vaccine was lost to breaks in the cold-chain that keeps vaccine viable. So he connected a solar-powered generator to a bar fridge. I worked with him to develop an evaluation plan to prove the solar power generator saved the vaccine.

With something so simple he was able to keep his vaccine cold, enabling him to immunize 70% more people than if he relied on electricity. Imagine the lives saved… and money not wasted.

The question remains to this day… how could he share these findings? Academic journals were not an option, given the sample size of one, and with 18-24 month publication delay if accepted. How could others find out about this simple life-saving strategy quickly and easily?

If GreyLit could push this result through its social media features and digests it would reach relevant peers and decision makers almost instantly.

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