GreyLit’s attainable open-access platform

Knowledge Mobilization Portal

GreyLit leverages natural language processing and AI to expand open access to frontline under-utilized research. Information becomes action years or months earlier than traditional channels.


Better decisions, faster

GreyLit’s open-access web-based portal makes it easy to search, share, review and collaborate with just a few clicks.



Discover relevant research and best practice with an intuitive interface and proprietary search engine. Access user-generated frontline research and information to shape your work.


Publish & Share

Instantly publish your work to a global audience by uploading your research without format or content restrictions. Your research is immediately shared with your chosen True Peers— a global audience of colleagues, partners, and funders.



True Peers evaluate your research, creating a quick, valuable feedback loop. Receive readership metrics as your research unfolds— who read the research, where they live, work and study, and what sectors their research impacts. Authors can base better decisions on more knowledge and prove their work is generating knowledge and impact.



Access colleagues from around the globe in-platform or share research and information within your organization. Discoveries from one research team often complement and accelerate the work of other divisions, departments and fellow organizations. Contribute your knowledge to exciting projects as they unfold.

Added value for organizations


Bridge the Gap

Enterprises and organizations can create internal repositories of their entire body of front-line research and information. Share valuable knowledge and bridge the gap between research and practice.


Secure Funding

With transparent, real-time peer reviews, organizations can share their research ahead of the curve and provide metrics and impact measurement to secure more funds.


Curate In-house

Archive, review and disseminate your company’s research and information outside of the academic setting with your enterprise’s private knowledge mobilization portal.

The global Covid-19 pandemic has shown that emerging evidence can have a great impact on what we currently know and on the life-changing decisions we make. 

An attainable open-access portal to benefit
individuals and organizations


Enterprise-owned Portal

Archive, review and disseminate your company’s research and information outside the academic setting.


Custom Interface

Organizations can customize the interface to suit their needs and make the app their own.


Reading Lists

Bookmark or download articles to read when you have more time or when you’re off-line.


Intuitive Search

Search, sort and filter to find relevant, reviewed and popular articles with ease with our intuitive proprietary search engine.


Impact Score

Our impact score allows your peers to evaluate the significance and impact of your research.


Article Suggestions

Article recommendations keep you up-to-date on relevant research.


Communities of Practice

Build and curate an information community of practice with trusted peers around the world.


Social Sharing

Keep your network up-to-date on what you feel is important with convenient social share buttons.


Share Your Opinion

Review, like and comment on articles to contribute to ongoing work and grow your network.


Enhance Journal Articles

Peer input prior to publication submission can enhance value and boost your writing confidence.


Browse by Popularity

Sort and review articles by likes and comments so you can stay current on hot topics.

Ready to mobilize mision-critical information faster than ever before?

GreyLit is quick to set up and easy to use. Customers typically onboard
and start using the platform in less than 10 minutes.