Email discussion lists have been a great tool to securely and privately share information among email users for years.

Over time, email discussion lists contain; important and historical information, key pieces of corporate memory and grey literature in their attachments.  One of the most common email discussion list platforms is "ListServ" by IBM. Some of the main benefits of email discussion list technology is that it is easy to use, it requires very little “software know-how”, and allow for asynchronous communication anytime from anywhere.  However, email discussion list technology development has not been updated, so they lack modern searching and tagging functions and lack typical content analysis features.

Which is why GreyLit has created a customizable Data Extraction Tool that specifically extracts content from email lists like ListServ.  Our tool will automatically transforms ListServ content into indexable threads that can be searched, shared, and reviewed at any time. What's more, GreyLit's Data Extraction Tool also indexes any attachments -- which makes them searchable as well!

Have a ListServ or email discussion group you want to be converted into searchable content- reach out, and we can help.