Pediatric Pain List Serv Digest

May 2021

The following is a list of the top 3 most popular topics within the Pediatric Pain List Serv for May 2021

  • The use of Midazolam in pediatric pain patients was the most frequently discussed topic. The conversation started with an inquiry about concerns related to possible side effects. When we do a historic search for this topic in the Pediatric Pain Knowledge Mobilization Platform we see that we first discussed this topic in 1994, with 194 conversations since then.   

For a link to this conversation please click here Midazolam Nasal

  • A member asked for advice on using dinutuximab infusions for pediatric patients with neuroblastomas. Twelve of you responded with advice and suggestions. When we check the ListServ content we can find 582 additional conversations on dinutuximab infusions.

Please click here to link to this latest conversation  Historic Conversation RE Dinutuximab infusions

  • There was a request for lidocaine infusion policy/protocols and many of you responded by providing your own. This conversation sparked a secondary series of questions to determine if lidocaine infusions can be safely administered in a hospital without the capability to check lidocaine levels?

The topic of lidocaine infusions show up 1300+ times in the Pediatric Pain Knowledge Mobilization Platform, the most recent link is here- Historic Lidocaine Infusion Thread.

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