How to Read What's Relevant and Reject the Rest: A Decision Maker's Tool Kit


There are close to 30,000 biomedical journals and this increases by about 7% each year! The average health practitioner subscribes to 10 different leading journals or publications each month. So, to keep up with the latest and greatest, you need to read about 200 articles per month… can you do that? Our time to read the “good stuff” is constantly being hacked or hijacked by the multitude of demands for our attention.

Our whole purpose is to help you do what you do best.

We want to help you build the skills needed to appraise grey literature, and other stuff you find on your reading list, effectively.

“Data fatigue. We all have it. But, in the inelegant world of data complexity, Cora Cole's insightful ebook provides an elegant algorithm to slice through the noise and efficiently seize your desired information. Efficient, precise, lucrative."

- Sean Plasse, Community Solar Advisor at SunCommon, Burlington, Vermont

Read or Reject ebook cover

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