The Epic List of 382 Words for Persuasive Report Writing

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As someone who spends their time writing to convince people that a program, policy or idea is worth investment, I needed a list of words that I could quickly glance at to help move my report writing along.

Being persuasive often involves sitting in the space between passion and logic.

When you are in this space, and your fingers are flying across the keyboard trying to keep up with the evidence your brain is articulating, you could lose a valuable train of thought by ...

The right words will evoke emotion and trigger curiosity. They will clearly express your information and ideas. And they will make reading your report an enjoyable experience.

Wars have been won and lost due to word choice!

If you don’t believe me, Google some of Churchill’s quotes. And Mandela led the charge to freedom for thousands from jail based on his words and prose.

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Epic List of 382 Words for Persuasive Report Writing - GreyLit

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