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Learn about publishing grey literature, develop your critical thinking skills, and get useful reference sheets

Free eBook: Curiosity is Your Superpower

Asking "why" is a necessity to make progress on a project, to expand services, to make decisions related to programs or policies. This book will show you "why and how" to be more curious about your progress and decision making. Click here to get it now.

The Epic List of 382 Words for Persuasive Report Writing

Being persuasive often involves sitting in the space between passion and logic. The right words will evoke emotion and trigger curiosity. They will clearly express your information and ideas. And they will make reading your report an enjoyable experience. Click here to get this handy "cheat sheet".

Free eBook: How to Read What's Relevant and Reject the Rest

This Decision Maker's Tool Kit describes a process to help you make informed decisions about what to read... or reject. Click here to get it now.

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Monthly Digests Featuring Grey Literature

During the coming months, we'll continue to add new monthly Digests to focus on different health care sectors and the needs of our customers. In the meantime, here's what we can offer you so far. Follow the links to subscribe.

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GreyLit actively curates a Twitter List of healthcare news sources. If you use Twitter, you can find it here. Don't forget to click the Subscribe button in the upper left corner.