Twitter Becomes Tactical When You Use Lists to Curate Information

Do you use Twitter to find interesting information?

When you started, do you remember wondering how you were ever going to keep up? Is it now difficult to sort through everything in your feed? Are you spending more time scrolling then learning?

You may be looking to read and learn, read and discuss, or read and share. You won’t find it easy to do any of those things from one feed populated by posts from several hundred people and organizations.

Twitter Lists can help you be more discerning about reading material in the limited time you have for it.

Spending hours sorting the profiles you follow into Lists may sound like a tedious exercise. No doubt, it’s far from a sunny day at the beach. So don’t do that. Instead, decide what lists you want to have and set them up now.

You might choose to organize your lists by your intended activities as I mentioned above (learn, discuss, share). Or you might base them on the role you are assuming (the “hat” you’re wearing) as you log into Twitter.

Add profiles to your lists on the fly, as you interact with posts on Twitter. Or spend a few minutes here and there, when you otherwise might fire up Candy Crush.

Once your lists start to become populated, you’ll log into Twitter and immediately zero in on the type of information you want. Open the appropriate list and off you go… learning, discussing or sharing.

At GreyLit, we are curating a list of several hundred health care news sources. If that’s of interest to you, you can view and subscribe to it here.