Connecting People with Research

GreyLit is the open access tool for frontline research and innovation.


Make better-informed decisions related to:

  • Funding
  • Patient care
  • Policy decisions
  • Program decision


Eliminate redundancy in research, programs, policies.


Get insights and acknowledgment from “True Peers”.

Bring valuable unpublished information to light.

There is a real risk that the inspiration for the next cure, the next medical device, or the next life-changing public policy will not be published by traditional publishing methods like academic journals.

GreyLit is the Research Discovery Platform™ with a community-oriented focus for researchers to share unpublished information.

Close the information access gap between researchers. GreyLit...

  • Combines the need to archive, review and disseminate in a community setting.
  • Allows unpublished, non-peer-reviewed research to be shared on a global scale in a timely manner, with feedback and web analytics.
  • Gives access to a plethora of user-generated research to aid in decision making and take advantage of collaborations with like minds globally.
  • Is a place to search, upload, review, and connect to the largest collection of grey literature online.
  • Bridges the traditional academic publishing world but focuses solely on research remaining unpublished and non-peer-reviewed.
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