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Researchers and practitioners should be solving problems, not struggling to publish in journals. Sharing knowledge and information is frustratingly difficult because of a slow, tedious academic publishing process.

Research that never gets published by academia
Average time for academic peer review
R&D sequestered annually in grey literature

Bridge the gap between frontline researchers and action. Mission-critical information shared faster than ever before.

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Upload your work without format or content restrictions, allowing you to share mission-critical information in real time. Your results, reports and outcomes can be searched, shared and reviewed nearly instantly with peers around the world.

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We offer reader-research matching which allows for near instantaneous reviews from trusted, known peers. Gain knowledge and insights as your work unfolds to inform better decision-making.


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Research metrics for every article quantify the reach and impact of your work. Track who read your work, where they are from, and how they used it. Your impact score is derived from combined analytics and peer feedback—use it to secure funding and ensure important work continues, regardless of whether or not the work was published by academia.

Curate your own knowledge repository

Archive, review and disseminate your work on your own knowledge mobilization platform. Organizations and enterprises can house a complete body of knowledge including historical and prospective information. Increase efficiency, avoid research redundancy and bring valuable knowledge to light.

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A platform that leverages the power of AI and natural language processing to ...



Access front-line research and information by allowing members to search, share and review the work of their matched peers.



Transform ListServ content into indexable threads that can be searched, shared, and reviewed at any time.



Manage conference material before,  during and after the event, and leave feedback for the authors with online reviews.

Customer Spotlight Healthcare


Gender-Based Violence

Almost one in three women has been subjected to physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence, non-partner sexual violence, or both at least once in their life.

To increase access for decision-makers and advocates to the living evidence and information on this global topic, GreyLit is supporting the Be The Peace Institute, a non-profit working to address the roots and consequences of gender-based violence and advance systemic change for gender equity and social justice.


Pediatric Pain

Dr. Allen Finley at the Centre for Pediatric Pain Research has been curating an international forum since 1993. The forum satisfies a critical need for easy, quick, and spontaneous communication between clinicians and researchers from many disciplines.

To allow this extraordinary body of wisdom and information to be searchable, GreyLit has indexed over 25 years of clinical and research questions and answers, proposed and completed research studies, and best practice guidelines—along with the many and varied attachments—to create an invaluable and unique knowledge repository.


Perinatal Care

The disparity in maternal mortality rates between developed and developing countries is today's biggest global health inequity.

GreyLit's lead partner in support of this cause is the Reproductive Care Program of Nova Scotia (RCP) at the IWK Health Centre. RCP has been promoting and advocating for excellence in reproductive/perinatal and newborn health, as well as supporting evidence informed practice, for over 40 years.

What people are saying about GreyLit

“GreyLit’s user interface is very user friendly, it is easy to use and everything is where you expected it to be.”

Gillian Ritcey

Managing Director, Healthy Populations Institute, Dalhousie University

“GreyLit was a valuable resource during the Covid Pandemic that allowed our team members to share important information readily. Onboarding GreyLit at the beginning of our pandemic planning as a platform was easy and saved us time in sharing and locating information. In addition, we had access to all the up-to-date information and best practices from the WHO at our figure tips. Thank you GreyLit.”

Carol Bartlett

Covid Clinical Ops Team Lead Eastern Health N.L

“Using GreyLit gave us access to research and information we didn’t have previously.”

Leeanne Lauzon

Nurse, Reproductive Care Program, IWK Health Centre


“What I really like about GreyLit as a researcher is the value and opportunity to remove barriers to knowledge related to publication bias. Providing a forum to publish and share research that would otherwise remain sequestered is invaluable for the creation of a truly open access knowledge forum. With the inclusion of non-peer-reviewed research within the knowledge base, GreyLit is the go-to source of up-to-date information for researchers, students and industry alike.”

Amy Fraser, PhD

Clinical Research Associate, SHOEBOX Inc.

Shoebox Audiometry

“The partnership between GreyLit and Saint Mary’s University gives faculty and students the opportunity to address company driven research questions that, when answered, will allow the company to continue to grow. This relationship also provides students with the experience to directly apply what they are learning in the classroom in a real-world setting.”

Kevin Buchan

Director, Office of Innovation and Community Engagement, Saint Mary’s University

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"Emerging trends in research and funding indicate that rapid turnaround, research analytics, and proof of impact will be key to future success."