Mobilize & Measure Frontline Research and Information

With GreyLit's Knowledge Mobilization Platform

Why GreyLit?

Search, Publish, Review & Collaborate

Instant Global Publications

Global Review Opportunities

Feedback and Analytics

Benefits to Authors

  • Instantly Publish
  • No Content or Format Restrictions
  • Reduce Duplication
  • “True-Peer” Review
  • Standardized Feedback
  • Highlight Hidden Research Efforts

Benefits to Organization

  • Knowledge Management
  • Expand Reach & Profile
  • Retro/ Prospective Publishing
  • Reduce Knowledge-to-Action Gap
  • Real Time Push/Pull with Global Audiences

What you can do with GreyLit...

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Measure Impact with Tru-Peer™ Support

Know your research and information has made a difference

  • Track the analytics of every article you upload. Know who read it, where they are from, what they did with the article.
  • Match researchers so non-academic Tru-Peer review can happen on a community-oriented platform.
  • Combine objective analytics and peer feedback to provide an impact score.
  • Create a global, transparent alternative to academic peer reviews.
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Facilitate Open Access

Have Your Own Knowledge Mobilization Platform

GreyLit is the Open Access tool for the Frontline of Research and Innovation.

  • Bridge traditional academic publishing processes by focusing solely on that research that remains unpublished and non-peer-reviewed.
  • Bring valuable unpublished information to light.
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Curate Using Artificial Intelligence

Make Better Decisions with AI and Machine Learning

  • Benefit from AI to index frontline research and information using natural language processing to deliver the right research to the right person at the right time.
  • Use a proprietary search engine to allow members to:
    • share their research ahead of the curve
    • get metrics they can use to secure more funds
    • access a list of profiled and vetted Tru-Peers™
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Disseminate and Mobilize your R&I

Modernize, the Way Research and Information is Shared

It’s a one-way communication process that takes exhaustive time and energy just to prepare for publication.

  • Make information accessible by mobilizing front-line information and research so it can be searched, shared and reviewed around the world.
  • Combine the ability to archive, review and disseminate outside the academic setting.
  • Give access to a plethora of user-generated research to aid in decision making.
  • Allow unpublished research and information to be searched, shared, and reviewed nearly instantly, around the globe.

What People are Saying about GreyLit?


Kevin Buchan

Director, Office of Innovation and Community Engagement, Saint Mary's University

The partnership between GreyLit and Saint Mary's University gives faculty and students the opportunity to address company driven research questions that, when answered, will allow the company to continue to grow. This relationship also provides students with the experience to directly apply what they are learning in the classroom in a real-world setting.

Shoebox Audiometry

Amy Fraser, PhD

Clinical Research Associate, SHOEBOX Inc.

What I really like about GreyLit as a researcher is the value and opportunity to remove barriers to knowledge related to publication bias. Providing a forum to publish and share research that would otherwise remain sequestered is invaluable for the creation of a truly open access knowledge forum. With the inclusion of non-peer-reviewed research within the knowledge base, GreyLit is the go-to source of up-to-date information for researchers, students and industry alike.


Leeanne Lauzon

Nurse, Reproductive Care Program, IWK Health Centre

Using GreyLit gave us access to research and information we didn't have previously.


Carol Bartlett

Covid Clinical Ops Team Lead Eastern Health N.L

GreyLit was a valuable resource during the Covid Pandemic that allowed our team members to share important information readily. Onboarding GreyLit at the beginning of our pandemic planning as a platform was easy and saved us time in sharing and locating information. In addition, we had access to all the up-to-date information and best practices from the WHO at our figure tips. Thank you GreyLit.

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Gillian Ritcey

Managing Director, Healthy Populations Institute, Dalhousie University

GreyLit’s user interface is very user friendly, it is easy to use and everything is where you expected it to be.

Research Discovery Partners and Supporters

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